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Supply Depot and Payment Center

Several items are available for purchase from Churchill Lodge's Supply Depot, at this link:

CLICK HERE to browse and purchase items.

We accept payment via Square. Alternatively, please let our webmaster, Tom Jackson, know if you have questions or want a paper invoice.


Churchill Documents

Each major event - our Consecration, for example - has required its own program and script. For your benefit, here are final copies of those we have produced. These are free for your use, IF you provide attribution and a link to Churchill Lodge. Graphics were almost entirely designed by Bro. Shane Wendt, while the text and language was a joint effort of the lodge officers, especially Wor. Berger, Wor. Wendt, MW Gann and MW Jackson.

Petitions and Brochures

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
About the Churchill LodgePDF1/19/2010107.45 KBDownload
Churchill Affiliation PetitionPDF11/18/2009240.46 KBDownload
Churchill Degree PetitionPDF11/18/2009257.30 KBDownload
SWC Tie order formPDF11/18/2009296.03 KBDownload
MN Perpetual Life MembershipPDF11/28/201072.65 KBDownload
Culture of the LodgePDF12/7/201027.18 KBDownload

Lodge Management Documents

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
SWC Wardens AwardPDF4/26/2011151.11 KBDownload
SWC 2011 Budgetdoc11/20/201014.30 KBDownload
SWC Resolution 1, on Dues and FeesPDF11/20/2010120.77 KBDownload
SWC Resolution 2, on Per Capita Refunds PDF11/20/201086.76 KBDownload
2013 SWC Budgetdoc10/20/201217.16 KBDownload
SWC Resolution 3, on Pro-Rated DuesPDF11/20/2010116.22 KBDownload
Per Capita Reimbursement FormPDF5/6/2018108.73 KBDownload
SWC Letterhead, PDF formatPDF1/5/201549.05 KBDownload
SWC Letterhead, Word formatdoc1/5/2015269.87 KBDownload

Public Event Scripts

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Summons for ConsecrationPDF11/19/2009264.66 KBDownload
SWC Consecration Scriptdoc11/19/2009279.50 KBDownload
Toasts, Consecration Dinnerdoc11/19/200960.50 KBDownload
Churchill Birthday Toast ScriptPDF9/28/2010160.73 KBDownload
Consecration Ceremony ProgramPDF11/19/2009252.18 KBDownload
Consecration Dinner ProgramPDF11/19/200963.14 KBDownload

Documents from our Formation

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
SWCL Gold logo 5/21/20191.09 MBDownload
SWC Bylaws, originaldoc5/21/201975.00 KBDownload
SWCL Silver logo 5/21/20191.06 MBDownload
SWCL Pin 5/21/2019864.11 KBDownload
SWC Bylaws, 2012 and current edition, as approvedPDF5/21/201939.58 KBDownload
SWC #351 logoJPG5/21/2019252.04 KBDownload
Blank Petition to Form a New LodgePDF5/21/2019121.45 KBDownload
SWC 351 Masons Mark, larger 5/21/2019621.84 KBDownload
SWC #351 Masons MarkJPG5/21/20196.68 KBDownload


 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Stand Forth (O Worthy Craftsmen)PDF11/19/20093.04 KBDownload
Master's SongPDF11/19/2009238.29 KBDownload
FidelityPDF11/19/20093.04 KBDownload


A note on our choice of songs. These three are used in many British lodges, and we have adopted them here. We are indebted to the Masons of the provinces of Cumberland and Westmorland in the UK for the sheet music we used during our installation. Their website was most helpful.

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