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Posted By Jax on 15 Apr 2011 05:52 AM

I responded to Keith's question directly, and he clarified he was researching great Masons, and that, while a great Statesman, Churchill was not really a great leader in the Craft. I agree with this statement. Here's what I wrote back to him in a further e-mail:

Brother Keith,

Once we were fairly well into the project, we realized the uncomfortable fact that Churchill did let his membership go after some years. I like to think this was due to pressures of his office, though he did find time for other pursuits. Had he had a definitive break with the Craft, showing any ill will toward her, we’d have chosen someone else. It appears from all our reading that his was a friendly separation.

I agree with you, that strictly speaking, Churchill was not a great practicing Mason. His life lessons though, do show motivation by those First Principles that indicate an adherence to Masonic principles.

In the very early days, we discussed naming the lodge after Nelson, the Hero of the Nile, or Kipling, among several other choices. We hoped to find a man to honor from the British pantheon, because we are all Anglophiles; though we did consider Franklin and Twain, from the US. But Churchill was a favorite of the founders of the lodge because he provides us an endless supply of wisdom and wit. Most of us are, politically, strongly anti-fascist.

So, it works for us.

My best to you sir.


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