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The LodgeBuilder Forums are used by Masons worldwide to discuss strategies and concepts for lodge improvement. As Churchill Lodge is a practical experiment in both lodge management and the Affinity Lodge model, it is fitting to bring the ongoing conversation between our officers.

Members: when you hit on a topic that would be especially effective for a broader audience, please cross-post it to another part of the LodgeBuilder forums.

Non-Members: you are welcome to participate in the Churchill discussions.

No response posts are allowed to this thread. See the small text between the blue bars? It looks like this:

       Forums > Churchill Lodge #351 Forums > How to use this forum

Those are Forum navigation links. If you click on the words, "Churchill Lodge #351 Forums," you'll jump back a level to see all the subtopics. Go ahead and reply to any of the other “threads,“ or topics. Be sure to register first. If your posting does not show up right away it is because one of the moderators has to 'turn on' your posting rights. Be patient, we'll get right to it.


21 Dec 2012 04:49 AM QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
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You may enjoy the busy discussion forums at Lodgebuilder, a website managed by Thomas C. Jackson, a past grand master of Minnesota and founder of Churchill Lodge.

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