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Financing a new lodge
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How does a new lodge fund itself?  Churchill Lodge started at a time of economic downturn.  How has that affected growth?  What other creative financing methods help us meet our operational and charitable budget?

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Our dues were set rather arbitrarily, at $50, with the assumption that many of our members would ask our Grand Lodge for their per capita fees back.  At least in Minnesota, this is allowed, and are only due once per member, per year.  Most of our brethren have asked for that refund, and at the same time, have directed these funds back to the general fund of the lodge.  So we get a full $50 per member, per year.

Our events have been self sustaining, for the most part.  We've had some unexpected expenses, for gifts, and for more supplies than we previously had considered.  I'll leave it to our Assistant Treasurer, Bob Davis, to describe these further.

We've also been rolling around the idea that the brethren should contribute at least as much to the lodge charitable fund, as their dues each year.  We'd like to continue growing that fund so it is ready for our next Cuba relief mission, or for a member of the lodge who is in need.

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