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How should we build our Charitable fund?
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One of the ideas briefly floated was that the lodge should designate half of its dues collected each year toward our charitable fund.  There was a problem with that, in that our Code requires that charitable donations are always optional.

There is wisdom in that rule.

Instead, we now have opted to pass around an empty cigar box into which a brother may place an amount of dollars of his choosing for the opportunity to announce good news to the rest.  We collected $75 the first time we did this; if it keeps up that will be close to $1,000 annually. 

Another idea we have is borrowed (again) from our friends in British lodges.  They provide time for an informal raffle of some item or another at each meeting.  Invariably, the item chosen has 'sold' for more than its original cost, with the net proceeds going to the lodge.  Often these items are donated directly by a brother, while once or twice the lodge has used the opportunity to offer up a spare item that has been left to the group. 

We also may provide time to circulate an almonor's basket.  It's something we haven't yet tried. 


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I am a strong advocate for establishing a robust Help, Aid, & Assist Fund, the purpose of which is to - first and foremost (though not necessarily exclusively) - provide relief to brothers of SWC Lodge and their families. I am hopeful that someday the fund can be meaningful enought to provide real, impactful help to a brother in need.

I want our sublime fraternity to be - really be - the most postive, impactful organization for a man to be a part of. A dynamic H,A, & A Fund would be a small, but important step in this direction.

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