? Video Conference (When Needed)



Brothers and friends, our developer, Jordy Stradtman had an unexpected responsibility that draws him away from our webcast tonight. We will be operating on voice conference and text chat only.   

There are several ways for you to connect with us on Churchill's Birthday, beginning at 6:45PM Central Standard Time on November 29th.  That's the early morning of November 30th at half-past Midnight in Britain (GMT), equivalent to 00:30 Zulu Time for those flying. 

The chat room to your right is live now, if others log in to this page.  Also, the voice conference bridge will be available between 6:45PM and 7:45PM, extendable for longer if we have brethren who wish to continue talking, and some of us will be monitoring the chat from the Happy Gnome pub in St. Paul, Minnesota, leading up to the 7:29 PM CST toast (1:30 AM in Britain, GMT). If you wish to chat by text, enter what you have to say in the text editing box, lower left.  Hit SEND, and your words will appear in the running dialog.

Alternatively, we have a voice-only conference call bridge, so you may join us via phone if you are able to dial in to the US telephone system.  It's a long distance toll number, but many of you can call within the US at no toll charge.  That may be the most convenient for those driving or flying.  Our [then] Junior Warden WB Dan Akins plans to call in via SatPhone while flying over the North Pole...  To CALL IN, dial 1-213-289-0500 in the US and Canada, and key in the code 858452, followed by the pound or hash sign (#).  We've set up room for 25 participants.  Will attempt to add more if we reach that limit.

If you have questions, please send a TXT to Tom Jackson, at 612-801-0708 in the US.  If abroad, or if the TXT option is unavailable to you, send e-mail to tom@pro-activemktg.com

Current Activities

Members and guests are about to gather at the Happy Gnome, to dine, enjoy the fire, a drink and cigars while we await the start of the program.  It's raining in the Twin Cities, likely to turn to snow in the next hour or two, so it should be quite a pretty evening for those joining us in person.

Here's the Script we will follow tonight

Birthday Toast ScriptPDF160.73 KBDownload
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