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Jun 30

Written by: Tom Jackson
6/30/2011 11:28 AM 

Manly advice from Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.  The Chairmen Shrine brothers collect a great deal of wisdom from cultural icons like Sinatra and men of his generation.  This posting, for now, will be a place to collect these little gems.  Our first item is on Wearing Hats:

The way you wear your hat
"Boys, lissen' up: These days, with fedoras again in style, it's important to know when to take off your hat. Followin' these rules will earn youse guys respect from the older brothers, and a lady will know ya got class and aren't a doofus. Basically, a guy wears his hat outdoors but takes it off inside. So what if ya got a bald spot? - I do; who cares. The exceptions are, you can wear it in a saloon, or an indoor shopping place - whadda ya call it - a mall, a train or bus station or the airport. The old rule was that it was OK to wear it in a saloon because that wasn't a place you'd meet a lady. But since the War, things is changed. Take it off in a sit-down restaurant or at church, or an office. A gentleman always doffs it - tips it momentarily - when ANY lady walks in the room, as he stands up when introduced. Also, at a parade, a gentleman takes off his hat when he stands while in the presence of the Flag of our Country. This is true for baseball hats as much as fedoras. Got it? --Frankie S.



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