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Jul 28

Written by: Tom Jackson
7/28/2011 1:00 PM 

As many of our brethren know, as a small lodge, Churchill has agreed to share the costs of our website with our friendly, local Shrine group, The Chairmen.  The two groups thereby share their annual web hosting fees, now $60 each.  It's a great way to ensure the funds in our Treasury go as far as possible. 

Also, we collaborated on the cost of 're-skinning' our websites.  The new look of the Churchill site was put into place back in May of 2011, while The Chairmen had their new web graphics unveiled this past week, late in July 2011. 

You can travel between the two websites by clicking the small Top Hat and the Fez, found at the bottom of every page.  As you might figure, the Top Hat leads to the Churchill Lodge home page, while the Fez leads to the Chairmen unit's website.  Or, type in www.ChurchillLodge.org or www.TheChairmen.org, as you wish.

We're very proud of the new Chairmen Shrine unit website.  A few touch-up items remain, such as a link for the flags, and a couple of pop-up items that are now being coded.  We're also expecting a crop of new photos to put into our album, showing some of the recent Chairmen events.  But about 90% of the website is completed.  Take a look!



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