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Author: Tom Jackson Created: 12/7/2010 3:14 PM
The officers and volunteers of Churchill Lodge will use this space to publicize news, photos and highlights as they occur.

In traditional Holland, loving Dutch wives would prepare the following breakfast for their husbands, fortifying them for a day of dike building and farming.  Their husbands would of course respond with bunches of tulips later in the day.  Those Dutch…
If you haven't had this treat yet, you are missing out on something truly sublime. 

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Have you RSVPed for Friday?  Know that there is an anxious fellow waiting to know if YOU will come to his home, and all he needs is a YES or NO, so he can ensure he buys enough food for you to eat, sufficient beverages for you to enjoy, and has a comfortable chair for you.  Will you let him know?

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Members of SWC voted to approve new resolutions on Dues, Fees, how we handle Pro-Rated Dues, and any potential refunds of Per Capita Fees that may have been paid multiple times by members.  These changes are effective for 2011.

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