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In the Dr. Seuss book, On Beyond Zebra!, just when one thinks they've, er, mastered to all the options from A to Z, a range of additional letters come into view.  So too, formalwear options abound, beyond the tuxedo. For a British themed lodge, the subject has even greater relevance.

In some circles, a tuxedo is the most basic form of formalwear, and relegated by some to be merely semi-formal.  Continuing the first post in this series, "What to Wear: a guide for the perplexed", the following provides a primer on the more elaborate styles of dress that may be observed in Masonic circles...

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Americans are less formal than our British cousins.  There, I said it.  But that truism aside, even here, stateside, there are nevertheless times where a fellow should consider wearing a black suit, a tuxedo, or even the more posh Morning Suit or White Tie.

Dress at Churchill Lodge meetings will vary: we often meet at member homes, so we sometimes opt for "business casual" wear in the summer; most members will wear a sportcoat unless the meeting is held outside on a hot day.  When that is the case, golf attire (shorts and a polo) is encouraged.  As the weather cools, some may opt for the de rigour black "Masonic suit", and we suggest evening wear for formal events. So, we have a wide palette of options to consider. 

In this series of posts, I will offer a primer with images and plenty of links to help clarify this topic. 

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