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Part deux?  Or Dieu? 

See this posting for my first words on this subject.  

On Quora, I responded to my friend Charles Tips, who is a libertarian atheist and humanist, with an iconoclastic view of the state of society and our political culture.  A brilliant man, I've learned a lot from him. We exchange cordial comments on subjects of philosophy, economics and politics.  You might be interested in a recent conversation we had. 

Charles wrote, in answer to the question posed, "Is humanism anathema (~repugnant or unsuitable) to traditional Christianity?" Read on...

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I'm delighted to continue serving Churchill Lodge, now as Secretary.  Since my term as Master ended with the close of 2014, others have led our work, while I've been content to urge them on from the sidelines. As of January of 2022 I've once again stepped in to an elected role, as Secretary.

Perhaps some would like a retrospective of what has changed in the subsequent years?...

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