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How does one join Sir Winston Churchill Lodge?

To ensure a vibrant brotherhood, Sir Winston Churchill Lodge has chosen to limit its membership roster to 60 men. We still have a few seats available.

We accept new members as Affiliates from other lodges, and will occasionally raise new candidates ourselves. Good candidates will be pleased to learn that each member is expected to participate fully in the work of the lodge: our monthly stated meetings are required, unless a waiver is given by the Master. Members and often their ladies are encouraged to attend our social events, but these are not required events.

We expect all Affiliate members to remain active in their home lodge. Churchill Lodge does not intend to siphon off members from existing lodges; rather, we aim to support members of other lodges in spreading good ideas and encouraging their success at home.

For those requesting membership, Petitions are available for both Affiliation and For Degrees; interested parties should contact MW Thomas Jackson, membership coordinator, or Wor. Mark Luther, Secretary. --See the Contacts page, linked at the top of this page.

Most importantly, interested men are invited to attend one of our events, where we will endeavor to answer your questions. You may read about us here, but know that Masonry is experiential: It must be experienced to appreciate. Only then may one discover if SWC Lodge is a proper place for them.


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Petition for DegreesPDF12/7/2010257.30 KBDownload
Petition for AffiliationPDF12/7/2010240.46 KBDownload


To the Observer: We are convinced that petitions and other printed material ought to match the quality and style of a lodge.  We therefore hand deliver these important documents in linen envelopes with embossed seals.  Other lodges may find, as we have done, that a good first impression, matching the lodge's culture, signals a more impressive beginning for any new member. 

Other Links

Churchill Lodge members often participate in other Masonic groups, be they other lodges, the Scottish or York Rites, the Shrine, or Grotto, or Allied Masonic Degrees. Our friends at Lake Harriet Lodge have put together an excellent link list of these groups here.

Other significant links to educational groups and bookstores may be found here.

Some of us are involved in the Shrine Chairmen unit.


Fees for the present year are:

Annual Dues, $140, which includes a per-capita Grand Lodge assessment of $40. Dues are pro-rated for new members by the quarter, $25 for each full quarter remaining after a man joins. Any Affiliates joining during the last three months of the year should pay the following year's dues upon petitioning. ($145.00 if paid online)

Men new to Freemasonry may apply for membership with a petition to take the three Degrees.  If you are already a Mason you may apply for Affiliation.

DEGREE Fees, $375.50, which may be paid in one sum or paid in stages: $145.50 at the time of Petition, $70 at the First Degree, $80 at the Second Degree, and $80 at the Third Degree. The Petition figure includes one-time assessments on all new Masons in Minnesota of $12.50 for Minnesota's Help, Aid and Assist Fund, $8.00 for benevolence, and $5.00 for the Geo. Washington National Masonic Memorial. ($386.50 if paid online)

AFFILIATION Fees, $0. Aside from the dues requirement, there is no fee to petition for Dual Membership in Minnesota.

Affiliates: We expect all Affiliate members to remain active in their home lodge.  Churchill Lodge views the mentoring of Twin Cities area lodge officers as a key mission, therefore we actively support activity that spreads good ideas and encourages the success of other lodges.  New Affiliates must provide a Certificate of Good Standing from their home lodge with their petition.  When you ask your home lodge secretary for this document, please remind him of your intent to continue as a member of your home lodge.

Regarding Affiliate Dues: In Minnesota, after receiving dues cards from all his lodges, members may request a refund on per capita fees for their second and other plural lodge membership(s). SWC #351 requests that members consider donating their excess per capita back to our lodge, rather than taking a refund, which may be effected by written request to the Grand Lodge, via our Secretary, using this form. Alternatively, this statement, sent via e-mail to the lodge secretary, will suffice: “As a Dual member of another Minnesota Lodge, I hereby direct that the per capita portion of my lodge dues this year be refunded to Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351. A copy of my dues cards for this year from BOTH SWC #351 AND the other lodge(s) is/are attached.“ --With this, a member must provide proof of current membership in the other lodge(s) by a scanned copy of their dues cards from SWC and the other lodge(s) from that same year.

Perpetual Life Membership is available to members.  This program allows a brother to pre-pay his lifetime dues obligation with a single payment or even spread it over a three-year span.  The lodge benefits from the reassurance that such a brother plans to remain a supporter for his lifetime, and his foresight ensures that the lodge will receive interest from his account even after death.  Perpetual Life Membership is a gift to any lodge, and all brethren would welcome such a gesture. Please see the form on the Documents page.

Gently Used Aprons and Past Master Jewels are available from the Secretary.  Direct from our friends in the UK, these items were first worn in British Lodges.  Current pricing is: $25 for an apron, specify Past Master or Master Mason, and $25 for a Past Masters' jewel. 

We have arranged for a local specialty dry cleaner to provide a discount on cleaning these leather aprons and satin sashes.  Please consider Mulberrys Cleaners, in Minneapolis, Edina, Eagan and St. Louis Park, and mention their Churchill Lodge discount. 


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