March Meeting Join us, Apr 17th at the home of MWB John Gann in Bloomington for our next stated meeting. We'll have a quick business session, another of our popular LEO presentations, and enjoy an excellent dinner immediately thereafter provided by our host. Not to be missed! Social time begins at 6PM, the business meeting starts at 7PM, with dinner and the afterglow following. Details: on the Events page. Be a stand-up fellow, and RSVP!

Turkey Dinner - With another of our own, John Gann, now installed as Grand Master, consider joining us for his first big event, the 81st Annual Lynnhurst Turkey Dinner on Tuesday, March 31st. Only 2 tix left. Details are available on the Events page.

Have you got your Pin and Gloves? Churchill Lodge members and supporters may be recognized by their distinctive, lodge pins, gloves and ties. These and other items are available from our Supply Depot...

“We must not lose our faculty to dare, especially in dark days.” - Churchill in March, 1942.

Sir Winston Churchill Lodge, #351, of Minneapolis, chartered in 2009, is Minnesota's first evening lodge to have been founded in 25 years. Why Churchill? Why form a new lodge? 

Careful readers will note the small fez icon below. It takes you to the Shriner "Chairmen" website, which shares space with ours. The top hat brings you back.

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